Source Reduction in Mosquito Control

mosquito control in Talleyville

Mosquitoes grow and thrive because of their breeding sites. These provide e surface and nourishment for mosquitoes to populate endlessly. To avoid such a nuisance, mosquito control in Talleyville services will ensure that the number of sources that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes is reduced.

When you opt for source reduction, mosquito control services will remove or permanently destruct any surfaces and items that serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Here is how mosquito control services go ahead and do this by using biological methods.

They may couple this with other chemical methods for the best results.

·    Any standing water cups and cans that are filled with water around your house will be covered so that mosquitoes don’t breed in them.

·    Oils may also be applied to the surface of the water bodies. This will suffocate the larvae and pupae of the mosquitoes on the inside.

·    For source reduction, they may also use toxins from the Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis or the BTi. This is also used similarly to other insecticides, with each type of BT suited to a particular species of insect.

·    Other biological control agents like fungi may also be used to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes on water surfaces. However, these are not widely used as they have been proven effective only in a few studies.

·    The idea is to target the larval habitat and eliminate mosquitoes before they fly. However, these habitats may be small, large, or widely dispersed. It takes expertise to locate and track how mosquitoes lay eggs and breed.

A professional mosquito control service can let you do this with ease. Predicting when and how these larvae take form and begin to grow can be difficult to do on your own. This is especially important in areas where mosquitoes act as vectors and transmit diseases.


A good mosquito control service can help you identify breeding sites around your property and conduct source reduction quickly. They may use the above biological methods or may choose chemical ones.