Which Denture is the Right Pick For Me?

Choosing between dentures and dental implants when deciding how you are planning to replace your natural teeth after having them pulled is one of the crucial choices you’ll have to make if you plan on eating foods you enjoy and showing off your smile. If you land on dentures as your final choice, you will be able to choose between some of the various different types of dentures, depending on your particular extraction situation.

How Does it Work?

The type of denture you need is going to be entirely dependent on how many teeth you need to have pulled. Here are the main options you will be able to choose from, so carefully think about how many teeth you are going to have to have extracted and then consider which denture will be right for you.

Partial dentures are one such option, and this is one you will be able to choose if you are only having a few teeth taken out. A partial denture rests on your remaining natural teeth in order to bridge the gap between teeth, allowing you to eat and smile as normal.

A full denture is the choice you should make if you are losing all of your teeth. This denture can replace your entire mouthful of teeth, but will require you to use denture adhesive since there will be nothing for them to rest on but your gums.

An all on 4 denture is still a newer entry into the world of dentures, but it is already gaining traction among denture specialists and people who wear dentures. These are non-removable dentures affixed to four or more implants in your mouth.

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No matter which option is right for you, you can bet that the partial dentures in Muncie experts will be able to fix you up with your new dentures in no time at all, and you can finally return to living life as you would with your normal teeth.